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An old folks home that aims for the happiness of it's residents.

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My Peaceful Home

We are an Elderly Care Centre located at Subang Jaya. This center was opened to give elderly residents a nice environment to make memories and live peaceful retired lives. We are determined to emerge as the leading source of elderly home care in Malaysia. This follows a series of field trips our team made to many old folks’ homes back in 2010, where we discovered the need for a well-kept elderly care centre to be set up in the region, especially considering the increasing level of demand for such amenities as time goes by. With a total area of almost 670 m2, our institution consists of sufficient accommodations and suitable outdoor areas to further enhance the well-being of our residents.

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Our Services

Here at My Peaceful Home Care, we pledge to rise to the occasion as the premier elderly care centre in Malaysia in a few years. Our formula for achieving such an objective is to offer excellent caregiving support to every senior citizen who chooses to become our resident. Our skilled caretakers are available around the clock to keep residents well taken care of. Plus, we have a couple of in-house doctors on standby who conduct examinations on a weekly basis. These attributes solidify our position as perhaps the most sought-after elderly nursing home in the Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya areas.

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24/7 Care Takers

Trained staff that are ready to provide help and service to the elderly that stay with us.

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Well Equipped Rooms

Our rooms are equipped with call buttons to request service and daily housekeeping and resident check ups makes our rooms one of the cleanest and safest.

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2 in House Doctors

Our doctors perform weekly checks and report onto our residents health and medical conditions.

Our Facilities

Ease of access and comfort are at the heart of our day-to-day operation. When you take a sneak peek at our establishment, you will discover an all-inclusive elderly care centre with amazing features to ensure the long-term well-being of our residents. Our accommodation selections consist of multi-sharing rooms, twin-sharing rooms, and personal (single) rooms. Unlike any other elderly home care in Malaysia, each room has call buttons that can be used for housekeeping and checkup requests every day. Our outdoor area comprises a garden with nice greenery suitable for daily exercises and plenty of space to sit down during nice weather.

Why Choose Us

Being a reliable elderly care centre in Malaysia, we have access to cutting-edge amenities, such as several different room alternatives for residents with different levels of privacy preferences. By including several ergonomic features, like powered wheelchairs and handrails, we hope to prioritise accessibility. Our staff members are the most committed of any nursing facility in Subang Jaya. They are informed and watch over our residents all the time. They have a broad range of situational awareness and react quickly.

Plus, our on-staff physicians are ready to provide examinations, support, and advice to residents who feel unwell or require additional care. Apart from our well-equipped facilities and dedicated staff, we also have a strong desire to become the liveliest elderly nursing home in the Petaling Jaya and Damansara areas by hosting themed events each time a significant holiday occurs. To keep our residents in good physical and mental health, we also plan mind games and workouts.

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My Peaceful Home
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