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Nursing Home Care In Subang Jaya

The Story

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         In the Year 2010, we joined a volunteering program in which we delivered and distributed dinner for various old folk’s home centers. During our many visitations, we realized that most old folks homes are poorly maintained with little love and vibrance. The atmosphere and overall vibe was depressing. After witnessing the general state of old folks homes, we began to set up an elderly care centre in hopes to create a better environment for the people who have made it to their golden age.  After a long time in the first quarter of 2022 we managed to establish a second care center “My Peaceful Home”.

        My Peaceful Home is a 7,200 sqft compound located in Subang Jaya, which provides multiple large bed rooms (i.e. Single Room , Twin Sharing Room, and Multi Sharing Rooms) with a personal bell to call for help at any moment. The home features a large backyard with multiple care takers ready and waiting. We make sure to let all our residence here enjoy their time here. 

       Despite being a relatively new provider of nursing home care in Subang Jaya, we continuously uphold our responsibility to help senior citizens who might be struggling with their daily routines. For the best nursing home Subang Jaya or even the finest nursing home Petaling Jaya, choose My Peaceful Home Care!

The Motive

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Our Mission

To create a good experience and great care to elderly residents that come live with us. Letting these elderly people feel extra loved and cared for within these walls.

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Our Values

We believe in constant attention and time spent together. Being committed to our residents and providing the best services for them to live long and healthy.

Why Choose Us

Our status as the contemporary source of nursing home care in Subang Jaya allows us to be well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including multiple room options for residents with varied privacy preferences. We strive to put accessibility first by adding numerous ergonomic amenities, such as powered wheelchairs and handrails. No other nursing home Subang Jaya has the most dedicated staff members like ours. They are knowledgeable and constantly keep an eye on our residents. 

They are quick to respond and have a wide range of situational awareness. Should a resident feel ill or need extra care, our in-house physicians are available to provide checkups, support, and recommendations. In addition to the handy instruments and committed personnel, we are also passionate about becoming the most vibrant nursing home Petaling Jaya by conducting themed activities every time a major festivity takes place. We organise mental and physical exercises as well to keep our residents fit inside and out.


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