Our Rooms & Services
Nursing Home In Petaling Jaya

Offered Rooms

Living in any of these rooms or daycare allows the resident to be eligible to all the services mentioned below.

nursing home in petaling jaya

Multi Sharing Room

Here 4 residents will live together

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Personal Room

This option allows a resident to have their own room

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Twin Sharing Room

This option allows 2 residents to live in a room

nursing home in petaling jaya

Day Care

This option will allow the resident to fully enjoy our services for the designated service time.

Our Services

Special Condition Care

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Here at Peaceful Home we provide care for residents that have special needs 


– Dementia 

– Alzheimer

– Tube Fed 

Various Equipment

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We use multiple advanced tools to help relocate and transport residents to ensure safety and convenience. Like powered wheelchairs.


Other Ergonomic Additions are: 

– Hand Rails

– Labeled ledges

– Care taker call buttons

Care takers

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Our staff here are well informed and handle instructions well. They are disciplined and are always watching over our residents. They know how to handle a variety of situations and are quick to act. 

In house doctor

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The in-house doctors will come conduct a check up and provide assistance and suggestions for residents who feel unwell or are in need of special attention.

Maintenance activities

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In My Peaceful Home our residents will under go various scheduled activities that help relieve aging problems.


– Physical Workout for Coordination & Muscle Atrophy

– Colouring & Sorting to help activate the mind

– Memory Games to help increase memory 

Celebrating Festivities

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Here at Peaceful Home we do our best to celebrate all major festivities and follow the respective theme to allow the residents to feel homely. It allows them to reminisce on when they celebrated festivities when they were younger.

Why Choose Us

When talking about the need to search for a suitable nursing home in Petaling Jaya (PJ), it would be impossible not to include My Peaceful Home Care in the conversation. Even though we are still considered a new old folks nursing home to a certain extent—only being fully operational in early 2022—our reputation has already preceded us. We are distinguished by our quality caregiving services, and virtually no other nursing home in PJ has in-house doctors like us; they are ready to provide aid upon request. Indeed, we are your number one PJ old folks home.

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Comfortable Amenities

Unlike any other old folks home Petaling Jaya, we are well-equipped with ultramodern facilities that incorporate a multitude of room choices for residents with different extents of privacy requests. Accessibility is our priority as a leading PJ old folks home, and as such, we integrate notable ergonomic features like motorised wheelchairs and handrails.

old folks home Petaling Jaya

Attentive Personnel

Our staff members are enthusiastic about running an old-fashioned nursing home. They keep an eye on our residents and possess a wide spectrum of situational awareness. If a resident of our nursing home in Petaling Jaya feels ill or needs extra care, our in-house doctors are available to examine them, offer support, and give advice.

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Lively Environment

Alongside our well-trained personnel and sophisticated facilities, we aspire to position ourselves as the most vibrant nursing home in PJ by holding themed events on important holidays. We organise cognitive games and exercise sessions to maintain the physical and mental well-being of the residents of our old folks home, Petaling Jaya.


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