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A distinguished residence dedicated to the well-being and contentment of our esteemed residents.

About Us

My Peaceful Home Care is undoubtedly the most optimal provider of home care services Subang Jaya (SJ) and Petaling Jaya (PJ), as manifested by our incredible team of staff and our beautiful establishment right in the middle of the SS19 suburban area. Being the most comprehensive home care service centre around is something we are truly proud of, despite only opening our door as late as the first quarter of 2022. By relying on our home care service, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief as we provide personalised care for your loved ones.

Why Choose Us

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Easy Access

You can always rely on us as the top PJ home care facility if you ever need additional medical treatment. Notable private healthcare establishments, such as Sunway Medical Centre, Subang Jaya Medical Centre, and KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital, are less than 15 minutes away from where we are.

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Satisfactory Provisions

Our workforce is the most attentive of any home care centre in the region. They are well-informed and can supervise our residents constantly. They are able to react quickly to any urgent matter. Our on-site doctors are on hand to provide examinations, advice, and assistance to residents who feel unwell.

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Delightful Ambiance

Not only are our staff dedicated and our equipment convenient, but we also envision ourselves as the liveliest home care service centre by organising themed events each time a major festivity occurs. To keep our residents in good physical and mental health, we also plan puzzles and workout activities.

Other Services

We are the best option for people with ageing family members who need specialised care from qualified specialists because we are a respectable home care centre. Beyond what our vision and guiding ideals convey, our daily mission is much more than just day-to-day supervision. We support elderly patients who may be coping with a variety of degenerative illnesses, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Embracing each fragment of life is an integral component of living at our PJ home care facility. The residents are graciously offered a variety of scheduled activities here, many of which contribute to mitigating the negative consequences of ageing. Our incredible staff frequently develops exercise regimens to address muscle atrophy and coordination issues. We host puzzle games to keep senior citizens cognitively occupied and make things more enjoyable. For the best home care services Subang Jaya, make My Peaceful Home Care your first and foremost choice!


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