Nursing Home For
Dementia Patients In Malaysia

A distinguished residence dedicated to the well-being and contentment of our esteemed residents.

About Us

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 8.5% of senior citizens in Malaysia suffer from dementia. They may require assistance with daily activities due to the disease’s progressive nature. My Peaceful Home Care prides itself on being arguably the most well-organised nursing home for dementia patients in Malaysia. We focus on providing care for those with mild to severe dementia. Even the most fundamental tasks are regularly forgotten by dementia patients, but if given the right care, they can still lead regular lives. As a dementia nursing home Malaysia, we assist patients with their day-to-day tasks daily.

Why Choose Us

dementia homecare centre malaysia

Strategic Location

As the premier dementia care centre in Malaysia, you can count on us should you need further medical attention at any given moment. We are located less than 10 kilometres away from prominent medical facilities, including Sunway Medical Centre, KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital, and Subang Jaya Medical Centre.

dementia homecare centre malaysia

Guaranteed Convenience

We have a variety of innovative features including many room options for patients with varying degrees of needs for personal space. We intend to prioritise accessibility for all our residents as a respected dementia homecare centre Malaysia by incorporating several ergonomic functions, such as motorised wheelchairs and handrails.

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Engaging Atmosphere

Apart from our dedicated staff and user-friendly equipment, we also have a strong desire to become the most interactive dementia nursing home Malaysia by hosting themed events each time an important observance occurs. To keep our residents in good physical and mental health, we also plan exercises and mind-bending puzzles.

Other Services

You should definitely rely on us because we are not only the perfect nursing home for dementia patients in Malaysia but also for those who might be struggling with other degenerative conditions as well. The National Health and Mobility Survey published in 2018 stated that up to 70% of dementia cases in the country could be related to Alzheimer’s disease. That is why we spare no effort to live up to our status as a prominent dementia homecare centre Malaysia by offering caregiving services to Alzheimer’s patients, especially those who may require special needs on a daily basis. Aside from being the premier dementia care centre in Malaysia, My Peaceful Home Care is more than happy to look after senior citizens whose daily nutritional intake needs to be monitored in a particular manner. Should they be subjected to tube feeding, we will oversee the entire procedure from start to finish.


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