Old Folks Home In Subang Jaya

A distinguished residence dedicated to the well-being and contentment of our esteemed residents.

Elder Care Service Provider

In the healthcare field, elderly care is commonly known as geriatrics, which is a specialised area related to the caregiving task towards the elderly with specific medical requirements. The demand for geriatric medicine in this country nowadays is a result of the growing number of people living longer. As people age, their illnesses change in both how they manifest and how they react to therapy. Here at My Peaceful Home Care, our in-house doctors are more than well-versed in taking care of our residents because all physicians in general, with the exception of obstetricians and paediatricians, are experts in geriatrics.

Why Choose Us

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Top-Notch Facilities

The key feature that makes us different from every other old folks home in Subang Jaya is our cutting-edge amenities. Not only do we include crucial ergonomic elements like call buttons and designated ledges to showcase our commitment to ensuring decent accessibility, but we also offer multiple accommodation choices to facilitate residents with privacy needs.

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Dedicated Staff

All the crew members who run our old folks care centre are committed to making the facility sustainable. They have situational awareness and are capable of supervising our residents. Our in-house doctors are available to check on individuals who are unwell or require more care, as well as to provide guidance and assistance.

old folks home Petaling Jaya

Pleasant Conditions

In addition to our first-class amenities and exceptionally skilled personnel, we want to establish ourselves as the most progressive old folks care provider by hosting special celebrations on significant occasions. To keep the older people in our care physically and mentally healthy, we provide memory games and easy exercise routines.

Other Services

As a reputable old folks home in Subang Jaya, we are the ideal choice for those with ageing family members who require specific attention from experienced professionals. Our everyday mission goes beyond what our mission and guiding values so beautifully express. We assist senior citizens who may be managing a range of degenerative medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Living in our facility means enjoying life to the fullest. The numerous organised activities that are provided here are kindly presented to residents, and they all help to lessen the effects of ageing. Our amazing staff often creates physical programmes to treat coordination deficiencies and muscular atrophy. To make things even more fun, we organise mind games to keep senior citizens mentally engaged. What are you waiting for? Choose My Peaceful Home Care as your preferred elderly care centre today!


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