Senior Home Care Center

A distinguished residence dedicated to the well-being and contentment of our esteemed residents.

Your Trusted Old Folks Home

In 1982, the World Assembly on Ageing in Vienna defined senior citizens as every single person who is 60 years old or older. In the meantime, the Cambridge Dictionary interprets the term ‘elder care’ as the care given to senior individuals who require assistance with daily routines or medical issues. Thus, My Peaceful Home Care Centre is at the forefront of establishing a reputable senior care living centre by serving elders who yearn for special needs. We consistently put in our best effort as the premier senior care centre in the Klang Valley region.

Why Choose Us

senior home care center

Sensible Amenities

Contemporary facilities are what set us apart from most senior care homes. We accommodate residents with different degrees of privacy requirements by offering a variety of lodging options. Because accessibility is our top priority as a responsible care provider, we include important ergonomic features like call buttons and labelled ledges.

senior home care center

Excellent Guidance

Our staff members have an undying motivation to improve the facility over every other senior home care center. They can supervise our residents and possess a wide spectrum of situational awareness. Our in-house physicians are available to check on patients who seem ill or who need more treatment, as well as to offer advice and support.

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Charming Atmosphere

Alongside our excellent amenities and highly qualified staff, we want to become known as the most dynamic senior care living centre by throwing unique parties around important holidays. We design memory games and simple workout sessions to maintain the physical and mental well-being of the elderly residents in our care.

Other Services

For everyone around Damansara, Petaling Jaya, or Subang Jaya whose family members are elderly and want specialised care from experts, My Peaceful Home Care Centre is your go-to senior care centre option. As our basic mission and principles so eloquently state, our daily mission extends beyond serving as a senior home care center. We also help senior folks without reluctance, even if they may be coping with a variety of degenerative medical diseases. Dwelling inside our property entails experiencing life in every moment, something not many senior care homes can offer. Residents are cordially invited to participate in any of the many scheduled activities offered here, which help to mitigate the signs of ageing. For instance, to address muscular atrophy and weaknesses in coordination, our wonderful team often designs physical workouts. We also plan memory games, colouring pages, and sorting exercises to help the elderly occasionally keep their minds active.


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